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Welcome to the Governor's Office of Health Insurance Exchange (HIX)
The goal of the Governor’s Office of Health Insurance Exchange is to organize the health insurance marketplace for easier evaluation by individuals and small businesses to acquire affordable health insurance.
Bullet Federally-Facilitated Exchange (FFE)/Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM)
    Bullet Governor Brewer's Declaration Letter
    Bullet Press Release - Governor Brewer's Decision
    Bullet For more information on the FFE/FFM -
    Bullet CMS Announces Opportunity to Apply for Marketplace Navigator Grants
Bullet Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Level One Establishment Grant (11/29/11-11/28/12)
    Bullet Level One Establishment Grant Notice of Award
    Bullet Level One Establishment Grant Application
    Bullet Level One Establishment Grant Work Plan and Timeline
    Bullet Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) Pre-Award Budget Negotiations
        Bullet State of Arizona Responses
        Bullet IT Infrastructure Management/Cost-Allocation Tool
        Bullet Organizational Charts
    Bullet Updated Background Report
    Bullet Arizona's Options Related to Risk Adjustment, Transitional Reinsurance and Risk Corridors
    Bullet Essential Health Benefits Report
    Bullet Essential Health Benefits Benchmark Plan Ranges
    Bullet Essential Health Benefits PowerPoint and Survey - Selecting a Benchmark Plan
    Bullet Benchmark Plan Survey -
    Bullet HIX Available Subsidies
Bullet Bi-Annual Reports
    Bullet Report 1 (11/29/11-03/31/12)
    Bullet Report 2 (04/01/12-09/30/12)
    Bullet Report 3 (10/01/12-12/31/12)
Bullet Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Planning Grant
    Bullet Planning Grant Application
    Bullet Planning Grant Work Plan and Timeline
    Bullet IT Gap Analysis Report
        Bullet Appendix A
           Bullet Exhibit A - AHCCCS GAP Analysis
           Bullet Exhibit A - AHCCCS Prepaid Medical Management Information System (PMMIS) GAP Analysis
           Bullet Exhibit A - DES GAP Analysis
           Bullet Exhibit A - Health-e Arizona GAP Analysis
           Bullet Exhibit A - Individual Eligibility & Enrollment Business Processes GAP Analysis
           Bullet Exhibit A - Plan Management Business Analysis Federal Guidance GAP Analysis
        Bullet Appendix B
        Bullet Appendix C
        Bullet Appendix D
    Bullet Background Research Report
        Bullet Supplemental Background Report
    Bullet ADOI Exchange Planning Activities
Bullet Quick Links
    Bullet State of Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Overview
    Bullet State of Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Questionnaire – FINAL RESULTS
    Bullet Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO)
    Bullet Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)
    Bullet Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI)
    Bullet Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES)
    Bullet State of Arizona – Application Requirements for Qualified Health Plan Certification
    Bullet State of Arizona - Navigator Program
Bullet Calendar
    Bullet Next Meeting TBD
Bullet Quarterly Reports
    Bullet Final Planning Report (10/01/11-12/31/11)
        BulletHIX Budget
        BulletWork plan and TImeline
    Bullet Quarter 4 (07/01/11-9/30/11)
        BulletHIX Budget
        BulletWork plan and Timeline
    Bullet Quarter 3 (04/01/2011-06/30/2011)
        BulletHIX Budget
    Bullet Quarter 2 (01/01/2011-03/31/2011)
    Bullet Quarter 1 (09/30/2010-12/31/2010)


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