Department Of Corrections Issues

The Department of Corrections has designated an Inmate Family and Friends Liaison (IFFL) to address your issues and provide you with appropriate information. The Liaison can be reached at:

Arizona Department of Corrections

  • The Inmate Family and Friends Liaison of Arizona Department of Corrections offers a standard process for receiving, reviewing and responding to complaints from the family and friends concerning inmate related issues.

    Inmate Family and Friends Liaison
    1601 West Jefferson MC #490
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  • An Information Guidebook for Family Members and Friends of ADC Inmates is available on the ADC web in browser-friendly HTML format, and for printing purposes in PDF format. While supplies last, a copy of the Guidebook is available directly from ADC by sending a self-addressed, 6“ x 9“ envelope with TWO first class stamps to:

    Family and Friends Liaison,
    Media & Public Relations Office,
    Arizona Department of Corrections,

    1601 West Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Board of Executive Clemency

  • The Governor only reviews requests for pardons and clemency after they have gone through the Board of Executive Clemency.
    • 1645 W. Jefferson, Street, Room 326
      Phoenix, Arizona 85007
      Phone: (602)-364-3945
      FAX: (602) 542-5680